I cannot express how wonderful CMS has been for my son. When he started his vocabulary was minimal, at best. It wasn't long before he was completing a sentence using large words. Being around other children has taught him to share and to be kind. He has gained so much independence while attending CMS. We love all of the teachers and they really do care about our children. I couldn't ask for a better place to send him.

Wendi B. | April 2014

My son spent the first 8 months of his life with me, then he went to a 'daycare' that was supposed to be the best in town. I emphasis daycare because that is simply all it was. They made sure the children didn't kill themselves or each other and that they were fed throughout the day and that was about it. When I had started looking for a different daycare I knew that for my child, he needed more than just running around all day with no structure. When I went to look at Cabot Montessori School I automatically knew it was different. I came out of there with the biggest sense of peace I had felt in a long time having to do with daycares because it is simply more than that. They don't just sit around and watch your child all day, they actually have a structure, the children learn not only social skills, but educational things, and self-sufficiency among many other things. The school was the most peaceful school that I had ever been in. All of the children were happily and contently doing their "school work" for the day during Montessori time and they were all enjoying it and had the best of manners. When they would get done with one activity they would just clean up and put it back where it belonged and start on a new one. If it was an activity they hadn't done before the teacher would watch over them and help them if they needed it for the first time or two to make sure it was on their level of learning. Since my son has been going there he is happy when I leave him there in the morning and happy when I pick him up in the afternoon. He comes home singing songs and asking questions which mean that they are sparking interest in him during the day. I am so happy that we decided on Cabot Montessori School for our son's toddler years because I think it will set the precedence for success and self-sufficiency for the rest of his life.

Christi Y. | April 2014

My daughter started at the Cabot Montessori School a little over a month ago. I can already see a difference in how much she has learned. She is only 2 years old and can already say her ABCs, count, and sing. They also help teach her manners. The teachers are amazing! We are truly blessed to be a part of the Cabot Montessori School!!

Charissa L. | April 2014

I am so happy that this school was recommended to me. Cabot Montessori School is a wonderful place to send your child. Miss Vicky, Miss Amber, Miss Jessica, and Miss Lauren are all wonderful teachers! Both of my boys have attended there, and they both love it! When my oldest went to Kindergarten, his teacher was impressed with how prepared he was. My youngest is a very active boy, and he has really adapted well to the Montessori Method and LOVES going to school! It is a calm, peaceful, and loving school.

Kristi S. | January 2013

Cabot Montessori is a hidden gem! If given the chance, I would rate it with a million stars. Miss Vicky and her staff are exceptional! My son has loved every single minute of the time spent at Cabot Montessori. He is incredibly happy and asks to go there even on the weekends. The school has a beautiful fenced yard where the kids can play every day. The staff is very well-educated and takes an interest in each child. If you are searching for a reputable child care establishment in the Cabot area...trust me and don't waste your time at any of the other places. Call Miss Vicky!

Emily J. | December 2012

If you are looking for a "home" environment filled with love and amazing learning opportunities for your child, then you have found it! My son started attending Cabot Montessori at 18-months and I wish he could stay until he graduates high school! I go to work each day and don't have to worry about my child and his safety. I take comfort in knowing that he is watched over and encouraged by loving teachers while I have to work. It is large enough for your child to develop his/her social skills, but small enough that each child gets one-on-one attention. My son woke up yesterday and the first thing he said was, "I wuv you Vicky! I wuv you Amber!" I feel like that speaks volumes about his quality of care while I'm away. Vicky is the owner of Cabot Montessori and I truly owe her so much for creating such a wonderful environment for children. You would be doing you and your child a huge favor by giving this school a chance. I am truly blessed to have found such amazing people to help teach my son during this very important part of his life.

Sara S. | September 2012

We must help the child act, think, and will for himself. This is the art of serving the spirit, an art which can be practiced to perfection only when working with children.

Maria Montessori