Supporting Partnerships

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    Limelight Performance Academy

    The Limelight Performance Academy of Cabot is a performance academy specializing in children's theater classes. They offer lessons in singing and voice, acting and stage performance, dancing (including ballet, tap and jazz), instrument instruction (for piano, cello and violin), as well as musical theater.

    Limelight also makes special visits to our classroom! Your child can attend these lessons for a small additional fee. The children have an opportunity to experience many different aspects of performance. Past sessions have covered basic ballet skills, finding rhythm using rhythm sticks, even performing as characters-- Broadway style and so much more!

  • Cabot Chamber of Commerce Logo Cabot Chamber of Commerce

    Set up as a link between Cabot area business and the community, the Cabot Chamber of Commerce is the "voice of the business community" in Cabot. The Cabot Montessori School has been a member of the Cabot Chamber of Commerce since 2014.

Does your organization (e.g., sports team, gymnastics team, craft center) work with kids between the ages of 2 and 6? If so, and you are interested in creating a partnership with Cabot Montessori School, please contact us at:

The satisfaction which they find in their work has given them a grace and ease like that which comes from music.

Maria Montessori