The Montessori Way of ThinkingAn education for every child

The Montessori philosophy can be summarized as this:
Children learn best through direct control of their environment.

In a traditional classroom setting children have little control over their environment, the environment is controlled by the teacher. The teacher plans, prepares and presents a set of information to all of their students. Then, since each child is different, each child absorbs the information differently. As a result, each child will walk away from the lesson with varying levels of understanding even though all of the students were taught the same material, at the same time. A Montessori classroom on the other hand, is a time-tested (it has been developed for over 100 years world-wide!) child-centered learning environment, optimized in such a way as to allow children the freedom to have direct control over their environment. This self-direction plus completing (and repeating) a purposeful activity (called work in the classroom) is how the child learns how to learn.


Cabot Montessori School 2007


Cabot Montessori School 2010


Cabot Montessori School 2014

Sometimes very small children in a proper environment develop a skill and exactness in their work that can only surprise us.

Maria Montessori