Pick Up Time Time to share experiences

You may pick up your child at any time, but in order to not disrupt the daily schedule, if you are planning to pick up your child before the end of naptime/ rest time (2:30 PM) please contact us so we are able to have them get ready to leave, ensuring a peaceful departure process.

When you arrive, you will enter the driveway on the side closest to the house (next to the Cabot Montessori School sign.) Park your car into any available parking spot taking care not to block the driveway for other parents who are arriving or departing.

Cabot Montessori School Driveway Map

If your child attends the Early Primary class, you will walk through the main playground gate located under the carport. You will then walk through the inner playground gate and enter the Early Primary classroom door.

If your child attends the Primary class, you will enter the classroom through the front door located inside the sun porch.

Collect your child's lunchbox, outerwear, and naptime item (if any) in the cubby labeled with their name. Check the folder located above their cubby that has their name on it for any forms, artwork or other communications from the school.

If the weather is permitting, the children may be outside when you arrive for pick up. After you have collected their items, go around to the large gate under the carport to enter the playground area (if your child is in the Primary class.) Please take care to open the gate slowly and just enough to enter and then close the gate behind you as you wait for your child.

No child will be released to anyone other than those listed on the Pick Up Authorization Form. If there are any changes to this form on file, please fill out and return a new one promptly. People other than the parents will be required to present photo identification in the form of a driver's license or a military ID. Parents may also be asked to present photo identification when the teachers first meet you.

Please remember the teachers are going to be focused on maintaining an orderly classroom environment or getting other children ready to depart and they will not be able to have impromptu conferences at pick up time. We strongly encourage open communication and if you have any updates on your child, suggestions, questions, concerns, or if you wish to get an update on your child's progress or adjustment please send an email to cabotmontessori@gmail.com or you can leave a note in your child's folder when you check it.

If your child is enrolled in the School Hours program you must pick up your child by 4:00 PM or Extended Hours rates will be applied. If your child is enrolled in the Extended Hours program you must pick up your child by 5:30 PM. A late pick up charge of $5 will be assessed for every five minutes or part thereof past 5:30 PM.

This is an exciting part of the day for your child where they will be able to share with you all of their experiences for the day. We encourage you to ask them about it.

The first phase of the child's development goes from birth to, let us say, six years of age. At this stage the child is partly at home, partly in school. The plane of education should take both the situations into consideration.

Maria Montessori