Cabot Montessori School does not, and shall not, discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, or national origin (ancestry).

To see if Cabot Montessori School is a good fit for your family, a visit to the classroom with your child and with one or both parents is required before enrollment.

The minimum enrollment age is 2.5 years old. If your child has not yet had their second birthday but you are still interested in learning more about our school please contact us. We will be happy to get you started in the application process.

Children who still require the use of diapers are automatically placed in the Early Primary Class. Before they are eligible to attend the Primary Class your child must be fully potty trained.

If your child requires the use of a security object (e.g., pacifier, bottle, blanket), please wean them from such devices before they begin school. It is okay for your child to bring to school a small stuffed animal or blanket to be used at naptime only.

Current immunization records must be furnished prior to attendance for our school to be in compliance with Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) regulations.

[The teacher] is happy in the knowledge that in this formative period they were able to do what they had to do. She will be able to say 'I have served the spirits of those children, and they have fulfilled their development, and I kept them company in their experiences.'

Maria Montessori