To begin the application process, please fill out the Cabot Montessori School Application Form. Return the completed form, along with the application fee, to the school.

You may apply at any point in the year. In fact, since we are so close to Little Rock Air Force Base, we get many children who enroll after the school year begins. Since the curriculum is based on the individual, enrollment can occur at any point in the year dependent on space available.

If there are open positions available, and your application is accepted, you will need to arrange for a visit to the school (with your child) if you have not yet visited. You will then be asked to fill out and return the enrollment forms along with the annual school supply fee:

If there are no open positions available, your child will be added to the waitlist. The position on the waitlist is based on the date the completed application is returned to the school. You will get an estimated start date when you apply but it cannot not be guaranteed. When a position does become available, you will be notified by the phone number and email address listed on the application form. You will be given three (3) days to accept or decline the position. If you decline the opening your child's name will go to the bottom of the waitlist and the next child on the waitlist will be offered the opening. If you do not contact us within the three day period we will assume you wish to decline and want to be removed from the waitlist. It is important to update your contact information if there are any changes after your application is submitted.

Successive levels of education must correspond to the successive personalities of the child. Our methods are oriented not to any pre-established principles but rather to the inherent characteristics of the different ages.

Maria Montessori